Concrete polishing

Polished concrete is a cost-effective and attractive flooring solution.

Since most modern structures are built on a concrete slab, the stage is already set for a durable, abrasive-resistant, and potentially stunning final surface, without the need for expensive installation costs and additional materials.

Atlas Concrete and Terrazzo Polishing is one of the leading providers of concrete polishing and other services in Grand Rapids, Detroit, Cleveland, Columbus, Louisville, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Chicago, and the surrounding areas. Our experienced technicians will prepare your existing concrete surface with diamond-encrusted pads and a chemical densifier, then stain, polish and finish according to your specifications.

The Benefits of Polished Concrete Flooring

Polished concrete flooring has many benefits. It is incredibly low maintenance. For example, regular janitorial and cleaning services will have a much easier time with day-to-day maintenance. Polished concrete, unlike unfinished concrete, is hard-wearing and will not chip or dent. It reduces dust mite and allergen problems, and does not support mold growth. Evidence suggests highly reflective polished concrete reduces lighting needs and enhances natural lighting. Its relatively high coefficient of friction also gives it a degree of slip resistance.

A concrete floor that has been hardened and polished will have an extremely long life expectancy compared to other flooring. If the benefits of polished concrete sound like the solution for your business, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Exposing the Aggregate

The top layers of your concrete slab can be ground down to expose the aggregate materials, then polished for a look that mimics terrazzo at a fraction of the cost.

Hole & Spall Patching & Repair

Has your concrete surface developed pits or cracks or sunken areas? The experts at Atlas Concrete and Terrazzo Polishing can raise and repair your concrete surface, filling pits and holes, and returning it to like new condition (or better!)

For a FREE estimate on concrete polishing and repair services in Grand Rapids, Detroit, Cleveland, Columbus, Louisville, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Chicago, and the surrounding areas, contact us online or call (800) 804-3983 today.